Mandy Harrington's Photography

My name is Mandy Harrington, from a very early age I developed a passion for capturing the story behind the photograph.  As a teenager, I took my camera with me, which meant something very different to today, I soon learnt that photographs are an opportunity to be a record of your life.


I enjoy the challenge of getting the shot and capturing the moment in time.  Seeing the beauty and vibrancy in colour and nature whilst allowing others to experience this joy through my pictures.  Outside of Harrington’s Picture This, I am fortunate enough to have the support of my partner, I am a Mother to three children and Grandmother to three boys.  I work for a leading airline as a Customer Service Agent. 

I am adventurous in my endeavours to find the right photograph and will often be heard to say, “stop the car” or “slow down”, or you will see me in the middle of a field or even in a roundabout, if I see the opportunity to take some shots.


To date I have had pictures published in the Yateley News and Mail and have had photographs published in a travel booklet and sold pictures for people’s homes. 

Please do take a look at my gallery and place an order if you would like a Mandy Harrington for your home or as a gift for others.